Northern Khanty

Lexical glosses for Northern Khanty (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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Wajnin (1)
wǟn χuw män-s-ə-t pǟ imăsaj-na kǟt or χat-na jŏχət-s-ə-t. kǟt or χat-na jŏχət-s-ə-t pǟ śita ol-ta pit-s-ə-t. tälaŋ tǟl o-s-ə-t, śi ol-m-al χuwat jaχ-ŋil-al jalən äntam ol-li-l-ŋən. aləŋ säχat män-l-ə-ŋən, ila pela jŏχət-l-ə-ŋən. śi iki-l-ə-n ji-l-t-an ewəlt mălaj-na jäχ-t-an ewəlt śi i niŋ-ə-l χat-na jäŋχ-ə-l. i niŋ-ə-l χat-na jŏχət-l, wojniŋ-ij-en ijulti jintas-l kǟsəŋ χătl. a i niŋ-ij-en χat-na män-l, păr-niŋ-ij-en χat-na, păr-niŋ-ij-en put kǟwər-l ki, i niŋ-ə-l jas put ruwət-ti i niŋ-ə-l jas täj-l-ə-lli. ta śi jupi-na aləŋ säχajət ila pela jaχ-l-al jŏχət-s-ə-t pǟ jaχ-ə-l-na ińśəs-l-a: “jas-an măla-ji śiti puwl-ə-man o-l?” luw lǟwəl: “änta pǟ mǟ, lǟw-ə-l, munta put kǟwər-s-ə-m, lǟw-ə-l, pǟ mǟ săŋχər-s-em”. ta śi pǟ χătl pǟ män-l-ə-ŋən. kǟsəŋ χătl jäχ-l-ə-ŋən or-na. itta imăsaj-na păr-niŋ-en lǟw-ə-l änti: “săχa, lǟw-ə-l, jäχ-l-ə-mən jŏχət-l-ə-t pǟ näŋ, lǟw-ə-l, śiti lǟw-a: jŏχi ǟt jäχ-l-ə-mən. χat-l-ə-mən ol-l-ə-t änti, jŏχi, lǟw-ə-l, ǟt jäχ-l-ə-mən. jäχ-l-ə-mən-na ǟt tot-li-l-aj-mən”. itta wajniŋ-ij-en jŏχi jŏχt-ə-s pǟ ik-el χŏśa lǟw-ə-l änti, lǟw-ə-l änti: “mǟ, lǟw-ə-l, jŏχi jŏχ-ta lit-l-ə-m. täm χat-ə-ŋ i niŋ-em kepa, lǟw-ə-l, iśi jŏχi jŏχ-ta pǟ lit-l.” ik-el lǟw-ə-l änti: “χŏti wer-l-a, lǟw-ə-l, uze tǟl mălt-as, lǟw-ə-l, ol-ta pit-s-ə-t, o-l-tən pǟ, lǟw-ə-l, niŋ jŏχi jäχ-t-an, χoj-na kǟt-l-aj-tən”.
short long go-PST-0-3PL and one-LOC two forest house-LOC arrive-PST-0-3PL two forest house-LOC arrive-PST-0-3PL and thre be-NMLZ.IMPF start-PST-0-3PL whole winter be-PST-0-3PL DP be-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG along man-DU-3SG at:home not:be be-IMPF-NONPST-3DU morning time go-NONPST-0-3DU evening towards arrive-NONPST-0-3DU DP old:man-PL-0-3DU come-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG from what-LOC walk-NMLZ.IMPF-3DU from FOC one woman-0-3SG house-LOC go-0-NONPST one woman-0-3SG house-LOC arrive-NONPST Vajnin-DIM-2SG everywhere sew-NONPST each day [but] one woman-DIM-2SG house-LOC go-NONPST Por-woman-DIM-2SG house-LOC Por-woman-DIM-2SG pot cook-NONPST if one woman-0-3SG arm pot boil-NMLZ.IMPF one woman-0-3SG arm have-NONPST-0-SG.3SG [here] FOC behind-LOC morning time evening towards man-PL-3SG arrive-PST-0-3PL and man-0-3SG-LOC ask-NONPST-PAS arm-2SG what-TRANS so swell-0-CVB be-NONPST 3 say-0-NONPST DP and 1SG say-0-NONPST before pot cook-PST-0-1SG say-0-NONPST burn-PST-SG.1SG [here] FOC and day and go-NONPST-0-3DU each day walk-NONPST-0-3DU forest-LOC DP one-LOC Por-woman-2SG say-0-NONPST DP then say-0-NONPST man-PL-0-1DU arrive-NONPST-0-3PL and 2SG say-0-NONPST so say-IMP homewards OPT go-NONPST-0-1DU house-PL-0-1DU be-NONPST-0-3PL DP homwards say-0-NONPST OPT walk-NONPST-0-1DU man-PL-0-1DU-LOC OPT bring-IMPF-NONPST-PAS-1DU that Vajnin-DIM-2SG homewards arrive-0-PST and old:man-3SG to say-0-NONPST DP say-0-NONPST DP 1SG say-0-NONPST homewards arrive-NMLZ.IMPF want-NONPST-0-1SG this house-0-PROPR one woman-1SG only say-0-NONPST same homewards arrive-NMLZ.IMPF and want-NONPST old:man-3SG say-0-NONPST DP how make-NONPST-PAS say-0-NONPST [already] winter pass-PST say-0-NONPST be-NMLZ.IMPF start-PST-0-3PL be-NONPST-2DU and say-0-NONPST 2DU homewards walk-NMLZ.IMPF-2DU who-LOC sieze-NONPST-PAS-0-2DU
short длинный идти-ПРОШ-0-3МН and один-ЛОК два лес дом-ЛОК прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3МН два лес дом-ЛОК прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3МН and thre быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-ПРОШ-0-3МН целый winter быть-ПРОШ-0-3МН DP быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД вдоль мужчина-ДВ-3ЕД at:home not:be быть-ИМПФ-NONPST-3ДВ утро время идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ вечер в:направлении прибыть-NONPST-0-3ДВ DP старик-МН-0-3ДВ прийти-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД от что-ЛОК идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ДВ от ФОК один женщина-0-3ЕД дом-ЛОК идти-0-NONPST один женщина-0-3ЕД дом-ЛОК прибыть-NONPST Vajnin-ДИМ-2ЕД everywhere шить-NONPST каждый день [но] один женщина-ДИМ-2ЕД дом-ЛОК идти-NONPST Por-женщина-ДИМ-2ЕД дом-ЛОК Por-женщина-ДИМ-2ЕД pot варить-NONPST if один женщина-0-3ЕД arm pot boil-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ один женщина-0-3ЕД arm have-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ЕД [здесь] ФОК за-ЛОК утро время вечер в:направлении мужчина-МН-3ЕД прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3МН and мужчина-0-3ЕД-ЛОК спросить-NONPST-ПАС arm-2ЕД что-TRANS так swell-0-КОНВ быть-NONPST 3 сказать-0-NONPST DP and 1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST перед pot варить-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST burn-ПРОШ-ЕД.1ЕД [здесь] ФОК and день and идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ каждый день идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ лес-ЛОК DP один-ЛОК Por-женщина-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST DP тогда сказать-0-NONPST мужчина-МН-0-1ДВ прибыть-NONPST-0-3МН and 2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST так сказать-ИМП homewards OPT идти-NONPST-0-1ДВ дом-МН-0-1ДВ быть-NONPST-0-3МН DP homwards сказать-0-NONPST OPT идти-NONPST-0-1ДВ мужчина-МН-0-1ДВ-ЛОК OPT принести-ИМПФ-NONPST-ПАС-1ДВ тот Vajnin-ДИМ-2ЕД homewards прибыть-0-ПРОШ and старик-3ЕД к сказать-0-NONPST DP сказать-0-NONPST DP 1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST homewards прибыть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ хотеть-NONPST-0-1ЕД этот дом-0-ПРОПР один женщина-1ЕД only сказать-0-NONPST same homewards прибыть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ and хотеть-NONPST старик-3ЕД сказать-0-NONPST DP как делать-NONPST-ПАС сказать-0-NONPST [уже] winter pass-ПРОШ сказать-0-NONPST быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-ПРОШ-0-3МН быть-NONPST-2ДВ and сказать-0-NONPST 2ДВ homewards идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-2ДВ кто-ЛОК sieze-NONPST-ПАС-0-2ДВ
They went for a long or a short time, suddenly they arrived at two tents. They came to the two tents and started to live there. They lived there all winter long and all the time they lived there the men were not at home. They left in the morning and came back in the evening. While the men were gone, the women were at home, the women were at home. The Vajnin woman sewed every day all the time. But the other woman walked around the house, the Por woman walked around the house, when the kettle boiled, she stirred the pot. But the other woman walked around the house, the Por woman walked around the house, when the kettle boiled, she stirred the pot with her friend’s hand, she used her friend’s hand. If she went to her friend, she was always sewing. Then the men gone from morning till night asked: “Why is your hand so swollen?” She said: “I was cooking something in the pot and burned it.” The next day they went off again, they went to the forest every day. Once the Por woman said: “When the men come, you say ‘let’s go home’. The Por woman said: “When the men come, you say ‘Let’s go home’. We have homes, let’s go home, let our husbands bring us there.” The Vajnin woman went home and said to her husband: “I want to go home. My neighbour said that she also wanted to go home.” The husband said: “What can be done? Already most of winter has gone by and you’re living here. Go home, who is to stop you?”