Northern Khanty

Lexical glosses for Northern Khanty (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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Fox (1)
ɔχsar-na ińśəs-l-a: “χŏti mus ăn tăj-t-en śat-l?” “jăm, jăm, law-ə-l. nemŏsa mus tăj-ti sij-ə-m ăntam.” “ăntam pa, law-ə-l, ma itta i pŏtər tăj-l-ə-m, lawəl, tŭta mŭs tăχaj-na taś-ə-ŋ wɔs χuj u-l pa, law-ə-l, ew-el tăj-ə-l. niŋ wŭ-t-emən atəm?” law-ə-l pa: “niŋ χŏti min-emən χŏj-na mă-l-a? nemŏsa ŏχ-emən ăntam, mŏla jɔχ pa χŏl măn-l?” ɔχsar iki law-ə-l: “ŏχ ul-ti pit-l. năŋ tup kas ki tăj-l-ə-n,” law-ə-l. “pa kas χŏti mŏla itta tăjləm. niŋ χŏti mɔs-l, śi ul-ti pil. ut'śa χŏti ul-l-a.”
fox-LOC ask-NONPST-PAS how illness NEG have-NMLZ.IMPF-2SG hear-NONPST good good say-0-NONPST nothing illness have-NMLZ.IMPF noise-0-1SG not:be not:be and say-0-NONPST 1SG that one have-NONPST-0-1SG say-0-NONPST there cow place-LOC herd-0-PROPR town man be-NONPST and girl-3SG have-0-NONPST woman take-NMLZ.IMPF-1DU bad say-0-NONPST woman how 1DU-ACC/DAT who-LOC give-NONPST-PAS nothing money-1DU not:be what man and where go-NONPST fox old:man say-0-NONPST money be-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST 2SG only desire if have-NONPST-0-2SG say-0-NONPST and desire how what DP have-NONPST-0-1SG woman how must-NONPST DP be-NMLZ.IMPF companion alone how be-NONPST-PAS
лиса-ЛОК спросить-NONPST-ПАС как illness НЕГ have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-2ЕД слышать-NONPST хороший хороший сказать-0-NONPST ничего illness have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ noise-0-1ЕД not:be not:be and сказать-0-NONPST 1ЕД тот один have-NONPST-0-1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST там корова место-ЛОК herd-0-ПРОПР город мужчина быть-NONPST and girl-3ЕД have-0-NONPST женщина взять-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-1ДВ плохой сказать-0-NONPST женщина как 1ДВ-АКК/ДАТ кто-ЛОК дать-NONPST-ПАС ничего money-1ДВ not:be что мужчина and где идти-NONPST лиса старик сказать-0-NONPST money быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST 2ЕД only desire if have-NONPST-0-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST and desire как что DP have-NONPST-0-1ЕД женщина как must-NONPST DP быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ товарищ alone как быть-NONPST-ПАС
The fox asked him: “What’s with you? Are you ill?” “I’m fine, fine,” he said. “I have no illness at all.” “I have something to tell about,” said the fox. “There’s a person here from the rich city, he has a daughter. Wouldn’t you like to get married?” “Who will give us a woman? We have no money, where should such a person go?” Old man fox said: “We’ll have money. You just have to want to.” “I want to. A woman is needed, a partner for life. How should one live alone?”