Northern Khanty

Lexical glosses for Northern Khanty (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Elder brother and younger brother (4)
ɔj, jaj-ə-l-na jaj-ə-l-na śi jasəŋ χul-s-a pa śălta χuj-m-al tăχa ewəlt nŏχ nawər-m-al pa: “apś-em, law-ə-l, mŏla śi lŏwat sărt-ə-ŋ wer-na pit-ə-s, mŏla śi lŏwat lɔt-ə-ŋ wer-na pit-ə-s pa, law-ə-l, măn-em, law-ə-l, kăst-i-li-t-al śat-l.” nŏχ nawərm-ə-s pa ti tŏχi sumət-li-j-ə-s, kim et-ə-s pa itta ńurəm-na ńŏχəmt-ə-s, pa uj apś-e-l wan-l-ə-lli kŭl-ə-t-na al-l-a. lŭw ilpi kŭl χɔt-na jŏχt-ə-s. jŏχi lăŋ-ə-s pa uw nŭmpi-na tŭt jŭχ pŏn-ti nir ul-m-al, a χɔt păti-na śi χɔrpi al-ti kesi lɔj-ə-l pa inl-ə-l al wŏlij-ə-l. χuləm surəs wŭtat inl-ə-l. śit wŭ-s-li pa śi tŭt jŭχ pŏn-ti nir-na nŏχ ɔms-ə-s. apś-ə-l jŏχt-ə-pt-ə-s-a pa uw pŭs-s-a pa jăχa kŭr-l-al jɔs-l-al jir-ə-m śir-na śălta kit-l-a pa śikəńśa χɔt păti-na śel-man măn-l. śi jŭpi-na kŭl-ə-t it lăŋ-ə-l, numəlta sewərm-ə-l-li, kimət lăŋ-ə-l, sewərm-ə-l-li, χulmət lăŋ-ə-l, sewərm-ə-l-li, ăsa welt-s-ə-lli. wɔt păr-at-s-ə-lli.
INTJ elder:brother-0-3SG-LOC elder:brother-0-3SG-LOC DP speech hear-PST-PAS and from:there lie-NMLZ.PF-3SG place from up jump-NMLZ.PF-3SG and younger:brother-1SG say-0-NONPST what FOC size misfortune-0-PROPR thing-LOC fall-0-PST what FOC size place-0-PROPR thing-LOC fall-0-PST and say-0-NONPST 1SG-ACC/DAT say-0-NONPST seek-0-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG hear-NONPST up jump-0-PST and to:here to:there wear-IMPF-FREQ-0-PST out come:forth-0-PST and that glade-LOC run-0-PST and INTJ younger:brother-3SG see-NONPST-0-SG.3SG devil-0-PL-LOC lift-NONPST-PAS 3 underneath devil house-LOC arrive-0-PST house enter-0-PST and door above-LOC fire tree put-NMLZ.IMPF shelf be-NMLZ.PF-3SG [but] house bottom-LOC FOC like lift-NMLZ.IMPF knife stand-0-NONPST and blade-0-3SG very:much shine-0-NONPST three span width blade-0-3SG that take-PST-SG.3SG and DP fire tree put-NMLZ.IMPF shelf-LOC up sit-0-PST younger:brother-0-3SG arrive-0-CAUS-0-PST-PAS and door open-PST-PAS and together leg-PL-3SG arm-PL-3SG tie-0-NMLZ.PF way-LOC from:there send-NONPST-PAS and DP house bottom-LOC jump-CVB come-NONPST DP behind-LOC devil-0-PL one enter-0-NONPST from:above cut-0-NONPST-SG.3SG two.ORD enter-0-NONPST cut-0-NONPST-SG.3SG three.ORD enter-0-NONPST cut-NONPST-SG.3SG all kill-PST-0-SG.3SG [EMPH] die-TR-PST-0-SG.3SG
МЕЖД старший:брат-0-3ЕД-ЛОК старший:брат-0-3ЕД-ЛОК DP speech слышать-ПРОШ-ПАС and from:there лежать-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД место от вверх прыгать-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД and younger:brother-1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST что ФОК size misfortune-0-ПРОПР вещь-ЛОК fall-0-ПРОШ что ФОК size место-0-ПРОПР вещь-ЛОК fall-0-ПРОШ and сказать-0-NONPST 1ЕД-АКК/ДАТ сказать-0-NONPST искать-0-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД слышать-NONPST вверх прыгать-0-ПРОШ and to:here to:there носить-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-ПРОШ из come:forth-0-ПРОШ and тот glade-ЛОК бежать-0-ПРОШ and МЕЖД younger:brother-3ЕД видеть-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ЕД черт-0-МН-ЛОК lift-NONPST-ПАС 3 underneath черт дом-ЛОК прибыть-0-ПРОШ дом войти-0-ПРОШ and дверь над-ЛОК огонь дерево положить-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ shelf быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД [но] дом bottom-ЛОК ФОК любить lift-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ нож стоять-0-NONPST and blade-0-3ЕД very:much сверкать-0-NONPST три span ширина blade-0-3ЕД тот взять-ПРОШ-ЕД.3ЕД and DP огонь дерево положить-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ shelf-ЛОК вверх сидеть-0-ПРОШ younger:brother-0-3ЕД прибыть-0-CAUS-0-ПРОШ-ПАС and дверь открыть-ПРОШ-ПАС and together нога-МН-3ЕД arm-МН-3ЕД связать-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ way-ЛОК from:there послать-NONPST-ПАС and DP дом bottom-ЛОК прыгать-КОНВ прийти-NONPST DP за-ЛОК черт-0-МН один войти-0-NONPST сверху резать-0-NONPST-ЕД.3ЕД два.ОРД войти-0-NONPST резать-0-NONPST-ЕД.3ЕД три.ОРД войти-0-NONPST резать-NONPST-ЕД.3ЕД весь убить-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД [ЭМФ] умереть-TR-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД
Oh, his brother heard these words and jumped up from his bed. “Little brother,” he said, “has gotten into big trouble, has gotten into big trouble. He’s thinking of me, I can hear it He jumped up, got dressed, went out, ran to the clearing. He saw the demons dragging his brother. He got in the house before the demons. He entered the house, up above the doors there was a shelf for putting firewood and in the far corner of the house stood a shaman’s knife, the blade glittered. The blade was three spans wide. He took it and sat up on the shelf where the firewood was put. They brought his brother, opened the door and threw him in with bound arms and legs. He rolled to the far corner of the house. After that the first demon came in. The one on top struck him, the second entered - he struck him, the third entered–he struck him. He killed them all. He destroyed them.