Correcting errors in transcripts

All of the transcripts that we have access to are online, and/or in a shared Dropbox folder called “Prominent Possessors – Siberian Languages”.

There are two important folders: ‘Transcripts (original)’ and ‘Transcripts (corrected)’

Transcripts (original)
Inside that folder are the original transcripts, as we received them, from the linguists that created them.

Transcripts (corrected)
Inside that folder are copies of the original transcripts, modified to correct errors in the transcription. glossing, translation and notes.

If the transcript you wish to edit is missing, you will need to get it from Irina or the person who originally created it.

To make sure an error is corrected you will need to do two things:

Stage 1: Correct the errors in a text editor

  • Make a copy of the transcript you wish to modify, correct the error(s) in a text editor (e.g. Notepad, Wordpad, Textedit, TextWrangler, etc.)
  • Save the copy to the folder called “Corrected transcripts”. Make sure it has a different name to the original, by appending a versioning number. E.g. XXXX becomes XXXX-v2. This is very important, as the transcript will not be re-indexed if it has the same name as an existing transcript.

Stage 2: Upload the new file to WordPress

  • Log in to WordPress and go to the Dashboard.
  • Go to Media on the lefthandside of the Dashboard.
  • Click on Add New in the submenu beneath this.
  • Click Select file to browse to the file you wish to upload from your computer, or drag it on to the screen.

Stage 3: Create a new video or audio


  • Go to Video or Audio on the lefthandside of the Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the video or audio you wish to append the transcript to.
  • Click on Edit
  • Scroll down to Transcript
  • Click on Select File
  • Navigate to the transcript you wish to add and click Select in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Scroll to the Video fields section of the page
  • Edit the Text ID field to reflect the version number of the file you just uploaded. This is very important as the file will not get re-indexed if the text ID is the same as the original.
  • Click on Update on the righthand side of the screen to save these changes

Stage 4: Wait

It takes several hours for new texts to be indexed so you will not see your corrections straight away.