Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

Clicking on the number following an item will take you to a result set for that item.

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Zabdala, an extraordinary snake (1)
ile ŋua-si:-ni, i-le eme:-ni dogbo-ni teundile, tu: ile ŋene-i, ineŋi xai geje xuli:-ni, emuse uti e-ini xuli-wen-e.
where sleep-IMPF-3SG where-LOC come-PST-3SG night-3SG every all where go-PRES.PTC in:the:day also together walk-3SG alone this NEG-3SG walk-CAUS-0
где спать-ИМПФ-3ЕД где-ЛОК прийти-ПРОШ-3ЕД ночь-3ЕД каждый весь где идти-PRES.ПРИЧ in:the:day тоже together идти-3ЕД alone этот НЕГ-3ЕД идти-CAUS-0
Wherever her son was sleeping, his father would go there every night. Wherever they walked in the daytime, he would walk together with them, he wouldn’t let them walk on their own.
Где бы сын ни спал, туда каждую ночь отец приходил, и где бы они днем ни ходили, он вместе с ними ходил, не давал им ходить одним.