Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

Clicking on the number following an item will take you to a result set for that item.

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A tame roe cub named Wasya (1)
ise-n’e ta:-ta-la, xe:tisi-li-ge.
see-DIR.PF there-there-LOC shout-INCH-PF
видеть-DIR.ПРФ там-там-ЛОК кричать-ИНХ-ПРФ
He went to see and shouted from afar.
Пошёл он посмотреть и кричит издали.
The fox with ten tails (1)
za: igi-we ta:-ni.
ten tail-ACC catch.PST-3SG
десять tail-АКК catch.ПРОШ-3ЕД
He has chopped ten tails off.
Десять хвостов он отрубил.
A hunting trip (1)
uta bi-se ña go:-li-mi ta: die-ze-le.
that be-PF again bark-INCH-INF there opposite-N-LOC
тот быть-ПРФ снова лаять-ИНХ-INF там opposite-N-ЛОК
After a while the dog started barking at the other side again.
Через некоторое время собака опять стала лаять на ту сторону.
The tiger for the Udihe people (2)
iŋke, ta:-li=de wo:-ni käŋa-wa we-iti wuente:-si.
fallen:tree-PROL cross-PST-3SG deer-ACC kill-3PL carry:over:shoulder-PF.CVB.SS
fallen:tree-ПРОЛ cross-ПРОШ-3ЕД deer-АКК убить-3МН carry:over:shoulder-ПРФ.КОНВ.SS
It carried the dead deer on its shoulder.
Убитого изюбря на плече перенес.
Ginseng hunting (1)
bue-ti-we alasi-mi ta: kä-la ña ic’e-i olondo-ziga zu:-zi abdä-xi bie.
he-3PL-ACC wait-INF there near-LOC-3SG small ginseng-DIM two-INST leave-PROPR be.PRES.HAB
he-3МН-АКК ждать-INF там near-ЛОК-3ЕД маленький ginseng-ДИМ два-INST оставить-ПРОПР быть.PRES.ХАБ
While I was waiting for them, I found another small ginseng root with two leaves.
Пока я их ждала, там рядом нашла еще один маленький корень женьшеня, с двумя листочками.
The tree with children's souls (1)
ge utimi ta: xe:gi-le-ni bi:, uti ñaula lä egdi texe-le-ni.
INTJ then there below-LOC-3SG be.PRES.PTC that youth very many root-LOC-3SG
МЕЖД тогда там below-ЛОК-3ЕД быть.PRES.ПРИЧ тот youth очень много root-ЛОК-3ЕД
There are many children over there, by the roots.”
Вон там у корней много детей.”