Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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Zabdala, an extraordinary snake (1)
nuan-zi sitele-zeŋe-i, nuan-zi sitele-zeŋe-i, e-i sitele, {sovsem} wa-zaŋa-ni.
he-INST adopt-FUT-2SG he-INST adopt-FUT-2SG NEG-2SG adopt {totally} kill-FUT-3SG
he-INST adopt-ФУТ-2ЕД he-INST adopt-ФУТ-2ЕД НЕГ-2ЕД adopt {полностью} убить-ФУТ-3ЕД
As if it wanted him to take it as his son. It will kill him if he doesn’t take it.
Дескать, возьми да возьми его в сыновья, если не возьмешь, совсем убьет.
The alder tree girl (1)
ge zugdi aziga imene-mi=de {sovsem} omo bagdi-li, bagdi: bagdi:, ti emne neŋi-ni zoŋi-e-ni.
INTJ at:home girl leave-INF=FOC {at all} alone live-3SG live.PRES.PTC live.PRES.PTC one day remember-PAT-3SG
МЕЖД at:home girl оставить-INF=ФОК {у весь} alone жить-3ЕД жить.PRES.ПРИЧ жить.PRES.ПРИЧ один день remember-PAT-3ЕД
She left her daughter alone at home and so she lived. Once she remembered. .
Она оставила дома дочь, совсем одну, и жила, жила, и однажды вспомнила.
The iron bird and the silver bird (1)
{vot} uti sewe-si:, sewe-si:, uti aŋi-we gai-gi-li-e-ni ge, aŋi=tene {kakoi} gaigi: {on ego dobival sovsem} uti-we sele-me kuai-we.
{well} this spirit-IMPF.PRES.PTC spirit-IMPF.PRES.PTC this INDEF-ACC pull:out-INCH-PST-3SG INTJ INDEF=CONTR {what} pull:out.PRES.PTC {he him was:killing to:death} this-ACC iron-ADJ dragon-ACC
{хорошо} этот spirit-ИМПФ.PRES.ПРИЧ spirit-ИМПФ.PRES.ПРИЧ этот INDEF-АКК pull:out-ИНХ-ПРОШ-3ЕД МЕЖД INDEF=CONTR {что} pull:out.PRES.ПРИЧ {he him was:killing to:death} этот-АКК iron-ПРИЛ dragon-АКК
So he shamanized and started pulling the arrow out, but not pulling it out in fact, he was trying to kill the Iron Bird.
Вот шаманил он, шаманил, стал тянуть стрелу, да какой там тянуть, он ее добивал совсем, эту Железную птицу.