Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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When Yegdige ate an evil spirit (2)
Omo mafasa mamaka mule bagdi-e-ti.
one old:man old:woman with live-PST- 3PL
один старик старуха с жить-ПРОШ- 3МН
There was a husband and wife.
Жили-были муж с женой.
Ginseng hunting (2)
bu=de mafa mule tu: olondo galakta:-mu xuli: bi-se-u.
we.EXC=FOC husband with all ginseng search:for.PST-1PL.EXC walk.PRES.PTC be-PST-1PL.EXC
we.EXC=ФОК муж с весь ginseng search:for.ПРОШ-1МН.EXC идти.PRES.ПРИЧ быть-ПРОШ-1МН.EXC
We always went to look for ginseng with my husband.
Мы с мужем всегда ходили искать женьшень.
The weasel (1)
ge omo jegdige bi-si-ni, xunazi mule=de zuŋe bi-si-ti.
INTJ one hero be-PST-3SG older:sister together=FOC both be-PST-3PL
МЕЖД один hero быть-ПРОШ-3ЕД older:sister together=ФОК both быть-ПРОШ-3МН
Once upon a time a hero lived with his sister.
Жил один егдигэ, они жили вдвоем с сестрой.
The oriole grandson (1)
omo mamaka omo omölo mule ba:ta omölo-ni=tene ba:ta uta-du bi:.
one old:woman one grandchild with boy grandchild-3SG =CONTR boy there-DAT be.PRES.PTC
один старуха один grandchild с boy grandchild-3ЕД =CONTR boy там-ДАТ быть.PRES.ПРИЧ
Once upon a time there was an old woman with a boy, a grandson.
Жила одна старуха с мальчиком, внуком.
In another version of this tale (Nikolaeva et al. (2002, text 10 "The girl and the birds")) "оmölo" was mistakenly translated as ‘granddaughter’. Actually, this word means "grandchild" and is not specified for gender, but here it clearly refers to a boy.
Zabdala, an extraordinary snake (1)
bi-mi emne bi-mi bi-mi omo mafasa omo mamaka, mamaka-ŋi: mule bi:-ti mamaka-zuŋe.
be-INF once be-INF be-INF one old:man one old:woman old:woman-AL.REFL together be-3PL old:woman-with
быть-INF однажды быть-INF быть-INF один старик один старуха старуха-AL.РЕФЛ together быть-3МН старуха-с
Once upon a time there was an old man with his old woman, they lived together.
Жил однажды один старик со своей старухой, вдвоем со старухой жили.
The seven sisters (1)
uta {poka} bue-ni uta-wa xai:=de je-we wei-ni:=de neŋu-ne-ti c’ai-le ŋene-kte-i jaza nüŋun-zi mule.
that {while} she-3SG that-ACC break.PRES.PTC=FOC what-ACC do-3SG=FOC younger:sibling-PL-3PL far-LOC go-DIST-PRES.PTC of:course six-INST together
тот {пока} she-3ЕД тот-АКК break.PRES.ПРИЧ=ФОК что-АКК делать-3ЕД=ФОК младший:брат:или:сестра-МН-3МН далеко-ЛОК идти-DIST-PRES.ПРИЧ конечно шесть-INST together
While she was trying to break the trees and everything, the six younger sisters ran far away.
Пока она ломала, то да сё, её младшие сёстры, конечно, далеко вшестером убежали.
The iron bird and the silver bird (1)
omo {eto} mafasa mamaka mule bagdi-e-ti {i} aŋi-ti site-ti omo bata omo aziga=de.
one {this} old:man old:woman with live-PST-3PL {and} INDEF-3PL child-3PL one boy one girl=FOC
один {этот} старик старуха с жить-ПРОШ-3МН {and} INDEF-3МН ребенок-3МН один boy один girl=ФОК
There lived an old man and an old woman and their children: a boy and a girl.
Жили старик со старухой и их дети: мальчик и девочка.