Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

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The tree with children's souls (2)
wui-xi degde-i, degde-ini, wui-xi degde-ini, ñaŋña-tigi degde-iti, ŋene-mi degde-mi degde-mi omo bua-la i:ŋ-ki-ni, omo mamaka-la.
up-LAT rise-PRES.PTC rise-3SG up-LAT rise-3SG sky-LAT rise-3PL go-INF rise-INF rise-INF one place-LOC come-PST-3SG one old:woman-LOC
вверх-LAT rise-PRES.ПРИЧ rise-3ЕД вверх-LAT rise-3ЕД небо-LAT rise-3МН идти-INF rise-INF rise-INF один место-ЛОК прийти-ПРОШ-3ЕД один старуха-ЛОК
They would go higher and higher and arrive at one place, to an old woman.
Выше, выше, к небу они поднимаются, и он попадает в одно место, к одной старухе.
The fairy and the ten bald spirits (3)
wei-xi degde-gi-li ŋene-ili {uzhe}.
high-LAT raise-REP-3SG go-3SG {already}
high-LAT raise-REP-3ЕД идти-3ЕД {уже}
She had already gone up.
Уже вверх поднялась.
The iron bird and the silver bird (3)
{a} sele-me kuai aŋi-gi-le degde-gi-ge dieli-ge.
{and} iron-ADJ dragon INDEF-REP-3SG rise-REP-PF fly-PF
{and} iron-ПРИЛ dragon INDEF-REP-3ЕД rise-REP-ПРФ летать-ПРФ
The Iron Bird went up again and flew away.
А Железная птица снова поднялась и полетела.
Yegdige in a silk gown (3)
degde-gi-e-zi-fi, dieli-gi-mi, dieli-mi, dieli-mi, e:i do:-gi-e-ni xegi-le.
rise-REP-PST.PTC-INST-SS.PL fly-REP-INF fly-INF fly-INF EV descend-REP-PST-3SG down-LOC
rise-REP-ПРОШ.ПРИЧ-INST-SS.МН летать-REP-INF летать-INF летать-INF EV descend-REP-ПРОШ-3ЕД down-ЛОК
They went up and flew, and then started going down.
Поднялись, летели летели, и вот стал он снижаться.
The oriole grandson (1)
ze ele teuncele-mi nix’e, ei uti omölo wei-xi degde-gi:-ni.
as:soon:as nearly pounce-INF do.PF now this grandson up-LAT rise-REP-3SG
as:soon:as nearly pounce-INF делать.ПРФ сейчас этот grandson вверх-LAT rise-REP-3ЕД
As soon as she was about to grab him, her grandson flew up again.
Только собралась наброситься, как внук опять взлетел.
When Yegdige ate an evil spirit (1)
E: ko:ko: wali {letaet,} gune:-ni “E: bude-getu keje-we-ti degde-zeŋe=nu?” {i poletel}.
INTJ INTJ ravel flies say.PST-3SG INTJ die-PL word-ACC-3PL carry-FUT=FOC and flew
МЕЖД МЕЖД ravel flies сказать.ПРОШ-3ЕД МЕЖД умереть-МН слово-АКК-3МН нести-ФУТ=ФОК and flew
The raven was flying above him and said: “Why do all these dying people expect me to convey their last words for them?” But it did fly.
А ворон летает (над ним), каркает и говорит: ”Смогу ли я донести все слова умирающих?”; но полетел.