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The iron bird and the silver bird (1)
{a, ne tak poju, ladno} ni: mei ule:-we-ni dantenie diga-mi bagdi: dantenie e-i-de xegze danteni ono bagdi:?»
{INTJ not correctly sing.1SG all:right} human only meat-ACC-3SG INTJ eat-INF live.2SG
{МЕЖД не correctly sing.1ЕД all:right} человек only мясо-АКК-3ЕД МЕЖД есть-INF жить.2ЕД
Аh, I mixed up, ok. «You eat human flesh, aren’t you ashamed to live like that?»
А, не так пою, ладно, «Ты питаешься человеческим мясом, и не стыдно тебе так жить?»
Here the narrator realized that there should be two different refrains in the dialogue: "dantenie" for the chant of the Silver bird and "dexenie" for the chant of the Iron bird. The refrain "dantenie" is rather frequent, see Nikolaeva et al. (2002: 137), Simonov et al. (1998, text 11) and Kazama (2004 (A) # 15).