Lexical words in Udihe

This list of lexical words found in the Udihe transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Udihe.

Clicking on the number following an item will take you to a result set for that item.

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Ginseng hunting (1)
“bi olondo galakta:-mi, ono ata-mi ise?”
me ginseng seek.PST-1SG how NEG-PERM-1SG see
me ginseng искать.ПРОШ-1ЕД как НЕГ-PERM-1ЕД видеть
«I was searching for ginseng, how could I miss it?»
«Я женьшень искала, как же я не увижу?»
The fairy and the ten bald spirits (2)
min-a-wa wa-i [ata], uta wa-mi wa-zaŋa bi-mi min-a-wa wa-ja-u ñoxo, uta-digi uta diga-u.”
me-0-ACC kill-PRES.PTC that kill-INF kill-FUT.PTC be-INF me-0-ACC kill-IMP-PL first that-ABL that eat-IMP.PL
me-0-АКК убить-PRES.ПРИЧ тот убить-INF убить-ФУТ.ПРИЧ быть-INF me-0-АКК убить-ИМП-МН первый тот-АБЛ тот есть-ИМП.МН
Kill me, if you must kill someone, kill me first and then you can eat her.
Меня убейте, если вам надо кого-нибудь убить, меня сначала убейте, а потом ее съедите.