Tundra Yukaghir

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Conversation (TY0001) (321)
Tan, tan, tan, taːt.
ta -n ta -n ta -n taːt
dist -adv dist -adv dist -adv so
dist -adv dist -adv dist -adv так
Yes, yes, yes.
Вот, вот, так.
Pear story (TY1004) (13)
ta -Raː -t
dist -adv -adv.abl
dist -adv -adv.abl
Conversation between siblings (TY0002) (42)
An l'eː tan!
adu -n l'eː ta -n
vis -adv dp dist -adv
vis -adv dp dist -adv
There it is!
Вот так вот!
"Tadaːt aγan kečit."
ta -Raː -t aγan keči -t(ə)
dist -adv -adv.abl certainly bring -fut(tr.1sg)
dist -adv -adv.abl certainly принести -fut(tr.1sg)
"I’ll bring some fire from there."
Оттуда я огонь сюда притащу."
Picture elicitation (TY1209) (10)
Teńi ten kin paipək aγoːlŋul, tadaːt jugullaːγərun jaːn köːd'əd-öːk aγoːlŋul
tu -Raː tu -n ki -ND paipə -k oγ -oːl -ŋu -l ta -Raː -t jugul -(laː)GVr -u -n jaː -ND köːd'ə -ND öː -k oγ -oːl -ŋu -l
prox -adv prox -adv two -gen woman -mod.pred stand -stat -3pl -sf dist -adv -adv.abl right -adv.loc -0 -adv.prol three -gen male -gen child -mod.pred stand -stat -3pl -sf
prox -adv prox -adv два -gen женщина -mod.pred стоять -stat -3pl -sf dist -adv -adv.abl right -adv.loc -0 -adv.prol три -gen male -gen ребенок -mod.pred стоять -stat -3pl -sf
Here two women stand, and to the right three boys stand.
Pear story (TY1000) (10)
Əə, tadaːt, əə, tuŋ, tadaːt [mari] mə-nemelə, [ö] örulək möruːl.
əə ta -Raː -t əə tu -ŋ ta -Raː -t mə= neme(ŋ) -lə(ŋ) ör -u -l -ə -k mör -uː -l
hesit dist -adv -adv.abl hesit prox -attr dist -adv -adv.abl aff= what -pred cry -0 -nmlz -0 -mod.pred hear -stat -sf
hesit dist -adv -adv.abl hesit prox -attr dist -adv -adv.abl aff= что -pred плакать -0 -nmlz -0 -mod.pred слышать -stat -sf
Erm, then, erm, then something, a cry was heard.
Pear Story (TY1001) (7)
Tadaːt mə=keweč [kə].
ta -Raː -t mə= kew -(A)j -j
dist -adv -adv.abl aff= go.away -pfv -intr.3
dist -adv -adv.abl aff= идти.прочь -pfv -intr.3
Then he left.
Pear story (TY1002) (13)
Tadaːt tude ugurčə pull'əlmələ.
ta -Raː -t tude ugurčə puń -l'əl -m(ə)lə
dist -adv -adv.abl 3sg.gen foot kill -ev -of.3sg
dist -adv -adv.abl 3sg.gen ступня убить -ev -of.3sg
Then, he hurt his foot.
Life story (TY0005) (34)
Nemeləŋ tadaːt mantəməŋ?
neme -lə -ŋ ta -Raː -t mon -t(ə) -məŋ
what -pred -fc dist -adv -adv.abl say -fut -of.1/2sg
что -pred -fc dist -adv -adv.abl сказать -fut -of.1/2sg
What else should I tell?
Дальше что рассказать?
Pear story (TY1005) (13)
Tadaː buollaːnə eul'ə.
ta -Raː buollaγïna.Y eul'ə
dist -adv dp.Y not.be
dist -adv dp.Y не.быть
But it wasn't there.