Northern Khanty

Lexical words in Northern Khanty

This list of lexical words found in the Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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Brother and sister (1)
χulmət χătl ji-s pa măn-ə-s. pa măn-ə-s śikəńśa pa χŭl wel-ə-s, jŏχt-ə-s pa ɔp-ij-el pela law-ə-l: “ɔp-ij-em, pa kawər-l-emən, kŭtp-el năŋ liw-i, ŏχ-ə-l ma li-l-em.” ɔp-ij-el l'ik-aś-ə-s. ɔp-ij-el l'ik-aś-ə-s. “śewi, śewi, śewi, śewi.” śiti śi măn-ə-s. măn-ə-s, śikəńśa ătna, purl-ə-s. l'ik-aś-ə-s, ur-na măn-ə-s. χuləm χătl śiti măn-ə-s, χuləm χătl śiti purl-ə-s, purl-ə-s, imŏsaj-na jŏχt-ə-s jŭχ χŏśa, mŏśa aj wŭs-iji ul-m-al pa tŏχi lăŋ-em-ə-s. tŏχi lăŋ-em-ə-s śikəńśa, śiti śi χɔll-ə-l. at-l χɔll-ə-l, χătl χɔll-ə-l, jaj-ə-l ăntam, χijś-ə-s. jaj-ə-l-na śi kăs-l-a, śi kăs-l-a: “ɔp-ij-em χŏlta tăχa măn-ə-s, ɔp-ij-em χăta jăŋχ-ə-l?”
three.ORD day come-PST and go-0-PST and go-0-PST DP and fish kill-0-PST arrive-0-PST and elder:sister-DIM-3SG towards say-0-NONPST elder:sister-DIM-1SG and cook-SG.1DU middle-3SG 2SG eat-IMP.SG head-0-3SG 1SG eat-NONPST-SG.1SG elder:sister-DIM-3SG anger-V-0-PST elder:sister-DIM-3SG anger-V-0-PST INTJ INTJ INTJ INTJ so FOC go-0-PST go-0-PST DP DP fly-0-PST anger-V-0-PST forest-LOC go-0-PST three day so go-0-PST three day so fly-0-PST fly-0-PST one-LOC arrive-0-PST tree to what small hole-DIM be-NMLZ.PF-3SG and to:there enter-INCH-0-PST to:there enter-INCH-0-PST so FOC cry-0-NONPST night-3SG cry-0-NONPST day cry-0-NONPST elder:brother-0-NONPST not:be remain:behind-0-PST elder:brother-0-3SG-LOC FOC seek-NONPST-PAS FOC seek-NONPST-PAS elder:sister-DIM-1SG to:where place go-0-PST elder:sister-DIM-1SG where walk-0-NONPST
три.ОРД день прийти-ПРОШ and идти-0-ПРОШ and идти-0-ПРОШ DP and рыба убить-0-ПРОШ прибыть-0-ПРОШ and старшая:сестра-ДИМ-3ЕД в:направлении сказать-0-NONPST старшая:сестра-ДИМ-1ЕД and варить-ЕД.1ДВ середина-3ЕД 2ЕД есть-ИМП.ЕД голова-0-3ЕД 1ЕД есть-NONPST-ЕД.1ЕД старшая:сестра-ДИМ-3ЕД anger-ГЛ-0-ПРОШ старшая:сестра-ДИМ-3ЕД anger-ГЛ-0-ПРОШ МЕЖД МЕЖД МЕЖД МЕЖД так ФОК идти-0-ПРОШ идти-0-ПРОШ DP DP летать-0-ПРОШ anger-ГЛ-0-ПРОШ лес-ЛОК идти-0-ПРОШ три день так идти-0-ПРОШ три день так летать-0-ПРОШ летать-0-ПРОШ один-ЛОК прибыть-0-ПРОШ дерево к что маленький дыра-ДИМ быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД and to:there войти-ИНХ-0-ПРОШ to:there войти-ИНХ-0-ПРОШ так ФОК плакать-0-NONPST ночь-3ЕД плакать-0-NONPST день плакать-0-NONPST старший:брат-0-NONPST not:be remain:behind-0-ПРОШ старший:брат-0-3ЕД-ЛОК ФОК искать-NONPST-ПАС ФОК искать-NONPST-ПАС старшая:сестра-ДИМ-1ЕД to:where место идти-0-ПРОШ старшая:сестра-ДИМ-1ЕД где идти-0-NONPST
The third day he got up and went out again. He went out again, caught fish again, came back and said to his sister: “Sister, we will cook again. You will eat the middle, I will eat the head.” The sister became angry, the sister became angry. “Sewi, sewi, sewi.” And she went out. She went out and flew off. She was angry and went into the forest. She went for three days, she flew and flew for three days. Then she came to a tree, there was a sort of small hole, she went in. She went in and cried. She cried by night, she cried by day. There was no brother, he had stayed. Her brother looked for her, looked for her. “Where did my sister go? Where is she wandering?”