Northern Khanty

Lexical glosses for Northern Khanty (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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My native land of Sob (8)
ănti jăre|ma-l-ə-m,
NEG forget-NONPST-0-1SG
НЕГ забыть-NONPST-0-1ЕД
I will never forget.
Imi-Xili (1)
“itta, law-ə-l, năŋ χŏl măn-l-ə-n, im-el law-i-li-j-ə-l, χŏl măn-l-ə-n, pa năŋ, law-ə-l, jus-en uś-l-en?” “pa χŏj-na, law-ə-l, wan-s-a, ma, law-ə-l, jărem-ə-s-ə-m ki ilampa, law-ə-l, χŏləś măn-l-ə-m, mŏla ăs-l u-l.” “itta, law-ə-l, uχl-en ma uχl-em jŭpi-na jir-i pa ɔnas χŏśen-na jir-i pa ŏkkul ewəlt. ma, law-ə-l, năŋ-en tu-l-em, ti uχl-em, niŋ-ə-t uχl-em jŭw-a pa il χusəs-l-em pa a sem-en, lawəl, ănt at want-l, păl-en χŏti at χull-ə-l. śăχa pŏra-ji ji-l pa ma, law-ə-l, lɔj-l-ə-m pa śi pŏraj-na weləś wan-ti pit-l-ə-n, law-ə-l. mŏla mɔs-l pa śiti want-l-ə-n, mŏla mɔs-l pa śit wer-l-ə-n.” śiti ki śiti. śi imi χili neŋχuj-na χŏti pŏtər-l-a śi wer-ə-t ăsa tălaŋ χul-ə-t-l-ə-lli.
DP say-0-NONPST 2SG where go-NONPST-0-2SG woman-3SG say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST where go-NONPST-0-2SG and 2SG say-0-NONPST road-2SG find-NONPST-SG.2SG and where-LOC say-0-NONPST see-PST-PAS 1SG say-0-NONPST forget-0-PST-0-1SG if perhaps say-0-NONPST to:where go-NONPST-0-1SG what sense-3SG be-NONPST DP say-0-NONPST sled-2SG 1SG sled-1SG behind-LOC tie-IMP.SG and caravan side-LOC tie-IMP.SG and rope from 1SG say-0-NONPST 2SG-ACC/DAT bring-NONPST-SG.1SG to:there sled-1SG woman-0-PL sled-1SG come-IMP and down bind-NONPST-SG.1SG and [but] eye-2SG NEG OPT see-NONPST ear-2SG how OPT hear-0-NONPST then time-TRANS come-NONPST and 1SG say-0-NONPST stand-NONPST-0-1SG and DP time-LOC right:away see-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST-0-2SG say-0-NONPST what must-NONPST and so see-NONPST-0-2SG what must-NONPST and that make-NONPST-0-2SG so if so DP woman grandson person-LOC how speak-NONPST-PAS DP thing-0-PL all whole hear-0-TR-NONPST-0-SG.3SG
DP сказать-0-NONPST 2ЕД где идти-NONPST-0-2ЕД женщина-3ЕД сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST где идти-NONPST-0-2ЕД and 2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST road-2ЕД найти-NONPST-ЕД.2ЕД and где-ЛОК сказать-0-NONPST видеть-ПРОШ-ПАС 1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST забыть-0-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД if perhaps сказать-0-NONPST to:where идти-NONPST-0-1ЕД что sense-3ЕД быть-NONPST DP сказать-0-NONPST sled-2ЕД 1ЕД sled-1ЕД за-ЛОК связать-ИМП.ЕД and caravan сторона-ЛОК связать-ИМП.ЕД and веревка от 1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST 2ЕД-АКК/ДАТ принести-NONPST-ЕД.1ЕД to:there sled-1ЕД женщина-0-МН sled-1ЕД прийти-ИМП and down bind-NONPST-ЕД.1ЕД and [но] глаз-2ЕД НЕГ OPT видеть-NONPST ear-2ЕД как OPT слышать-0-NONPST тогда время-TRANS прийти-NONPST and 1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST стоять-NONPST-0-1ЕД and DP время-ЛОК right:away видеть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST-0-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST что must-NONPST and так видеть-NONPST-0-2ЕД что must-NONPST and тот делать-NONPST-0-2ЕД так if так DP женщина grandson человек-ЛОК как говорить-NONPST-ПАС DP вещь-0-МН весь целый слышать-0-TR-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ЕД
His wife said: “Where are you going? Do you know the way to where you’re going?” “Who saw it, I have forgotten,” he said, “where to go.” “You,” she said, “harness your sled behind mine, tie your harness to the line. I will pull you. Come up to the women’s sleds and I will bind your eyes, so that they cannot see, so that your ears cannot hear. When the time comes, I will stop and only then will you be able to look. What is necessary you will be able to see, what is necessary you will do.” Well. And the way the woman said everything to the grandmother’s grandson, that is how he heard it all.