Forest Enets

Suffixes in Forest Enets

This list of suffixes found in the Forest Enets transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the suffix appears in the texts available in the collection for Forest Enets.

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Memoirs (9)
ed mɛbi biser
ed mɛ-bi biser
so make(pfv)-PRF beads
так делать(pfv)-PRF beads
beadse made so
так сделанный бисер
A man and the one-legged woman (34)
dʲɔribiØ, dʲɔribiØ dʲadokoɔn
dʲɔrir-bi-Ø dʲɔrir-bi-Ø dʲadokoɔn
talk(ipfv)-PRF-3SG.S talk(ipfv)-PRF-3SG.S carefully
talk(ipfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S talk(ipfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S carefully
He spoke, spoke carefully.
Он говорил, говорил тихонько.
UrodlivyjMys_rad (42)
kalʲatabizʔ ŋo, kalʲatabizʔ
kalʲata-bi-zʔ ŋo kalʲata-bi-zʔ
calm:down(pfv)-PRF-3SG.M even calm:down(pfv)-PRF-3SG.M
calm:down(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.M even calm:down(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.M
He lay doggo, lay doggo.
Он притаился, притаился.
The two mates (18)
pɛ, pɛ ubu nʲiʔ tɔdabizʔ, tɛkrubizʔ
pɛ pɛ ubu nʲiʔ tɔda-bi-zʔ tɛkru-bi-zʔ
wood wood end on(dir) climb(pfv)-PRF-3SG.M hide(pfv)-PRF-3SG.M
wood wood конец на(dir) climb(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.M прятать(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.M
He climbed on a tree and hid.
Он на макушку дерева залез и спрятался.
PojmalLosja (21)
ɛɛ, sixubiØ, kaʔabiØ
ɛɛ sixu-bi-Ø kaʔa-bi
yes strangle(pfv)-PRF-3SG.S die(pfv)-PRF-3SG.S
yes strangle(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S умереть(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S
Yes, it gasped, it died.
Да, он задохнулся, умер.
Reindeer-herding and food (16)
tɔrse vertalʲɔt tobiØ, tʃibiØ
tɔrse vertalʲɔt to-bi-Ø tʃi-bi
such helicopter come(pfv)-PRF-3SG.S fly(pfv)-PRF-3SG.S
such helicopter прийти(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S летать(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.S
Such a helicopter came, flew away.
Такой вертолет пришел, улетел.
Along the Yenissey river (3)
ed tanaxubiza ed, tanaxubiza
ed tanaxu-bi-za ed tanaxu-bi-za
so crush(pfv)-PRF-3SG.SG.OBJ so crush(pfv)-PRF-3SG.SG.OBJ
так crush(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.ЕД.ОБ так crush(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.ЕД.ОБ
So it pressed it, so it pressed it.
Так ее придавило, так ее придавило.
Glutton (2) (13)
tʃike nɛzi, kaʔabi nɛzi oodʲ pɛbiza
tʃike nɛzi kaʔa-bi nɛzi oor-ʃ pɛ-bi-za
this calf die(pfv)-PRF calf eat(ipfv)-CVB start(pfv)-PRF-3SG.SG.OBJ
этот теленок умереть(pfv)-PRF теленок есть(ipfv)-КОНВ начать(pfv)-PRF-3ЕД.ЕД.ОБ
And it started eating the calf, the dead calf.
И этого теленка, дохлого теленка начала есть.
Hunting wild reindeer (8)
dʲezitibiu, dʲezitibiu
dʲeziti-bi-a dʲeziti-bi-a
hit(pfv)-PRF-1SG.SG.OBJ hit(pfv)-PRF-1SG.SG.OBJ
hit(pfv)-PRF-1ЕД.ЕД.ОБ hit(pfv)-PRF-1ЕД.ЕД.ОБ
I hit at it, I hit at it
я попал в него, я попал в него
Repairing the fishing nets (4)
tʃuktʃi mubizuʔ, mubizuʔ
tʃuktʃi mo-bi-zuʔ mo-bi-zuʔ
everyone well, well
все это, это