Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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A conversation about Even culture (27)
Ńọka toːre?
ńọka toːre
Yakut word
Yakut слово
A Yakut word?
Якутское слово?
The raven and the crow (1)
E, tụraːk, ńọkal goːweːtte.
e turaːχ.Y ńọka-L goːn-WEːČ-R(E)
DP crow.Y Yakut-PL say-GNR-NONFUT(3PL)
DP crow.Y Yakut-МН сказать-GNR-NONFUT(3МН)
'Turaːk', as the Yakuts say.
'Турак', как Якуты говорят.
Even ghost stories (2)
ńọka -DI -Č =E
Yakut -adjr -ins =q
Yakut -adjr -ins =q
Tompo in Soviet times (9)
Ụọnna biː aːwahụ, ńọka, uːteːlkeːn bihin, kočeč.
uonna.Y biː aːwas -W ńọka üːteːn.Y -lkEːn bi -RI -n(I) koč -E-Č
and.Y 1sg brother-in-law.older -poss.1sg Yakut Yakut.house -prop be -pst -poss.3sg little -ep-ins
and.Y 1sg брат-в-law.older -poss.1sg Yakut Yakut.дом -prop быть -pst -poss.3sg маленький -ep-ins
My brother-in-law, a Yakut, had a Yakut house, little.
Еще у моего зятя якута была изба.
Bear story (1)
Tar Aːrkịgịdala emie, tarak emie ele, ńọkadị kńịːgala emie dụkụttịmdas, ee, dụkụttịmdas bisin.
tar Aːrka -gIdE -(dU)LE emie.Y tar -k emie.Y er -(dU)LE ńọka -DI kniga.R -(dU)LE emie.Y dụk -E-Č -RI -mdEs ee dụk -E-Č -RI -mdEs bi -RI -n(I)
dist Arka -nr -loc again.Y dist -nom again.Y prox -loc Yakut -adjr book.R -loc again.Y write -ep-res -impf.ptc -sml intj write -ep-res -impf.ptc -sml be -pst -poss.3sg
dist Arka -nr -loc снова.Y dist -nom снова.Y prox -loc Yakut -adjr книга.R -loc снова.Y писать -ep-res -impf.ptc -sml intj писать -ep-res -impf.ptc -sml быть -pst -poss.3sg
In Arka, that was also there, something similar was written in a Yakut book.
В Арке тоже и в якутской книге тоже было об этом.