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Cannibal story (6)
Er, omen toːrdu etikeːlkeːn atịkaːn bičel.
er omen toːr -DU etikeːn -lkEːn atịkaːn bi -čE -L
prox one land -dat old.man -prop old.woman be -pf.ptc -pl
prox один земля -dat старый.мужчина -prop старый.женщина быть -pf.ptc -pl
So, in one land, there lived an old woman and an old man.
В одной земле жили старик со старухой.
Even ghost stories (3)
Omen-de, ịak-ta, meːle ičuče dʒọmkaːnadʒịn.
omen =dE ịa -k =dE meːne.Y it -U -čE dʒọn -WkEːn -DʒI -n(I)
one =ptl what -nom =ptl simply.Y see -intr -pf.ptc remember -caus -fut -3sg
один =ptl что -nom =ptl ппросто.Y видеть -intr -pf.ptc remember -caus -fut -3sg
Nobody, nothing, he thought that it was merely an apparition ('appeared [to him]').
Никого не было, он подумал, что ему показалось.
Tompo in Soviet times (8)
Ńaːn omem dʒụːw ọːčịddịtan biː emdeku.
ńaːn omen -W dʒụː -W ọː -Č -E-D -RI -tEn biː em -REk -W
also one -acc house -acc do -res -ep-prog -pst -poss.3pl 1sg come -cond.cvb -poss.1sg
тоже один -acc дом -acc делать -res -ep-prog -pst -poss.3pl 1sg прийти -cond.cvb -poss.1sg
And they were building a house when I arrived.
Когда я приехал там строили один дом.
The creation of animals (2)
"Dʒepńej, omen-ńun aːnŋam-da dʒeple, dʒebepne uldelkeːn bihem", goːnče
dʒeb -ńEj omen =ńUn aːnŋa -n -W =dE dʒeple dʒebepne ulre -lkEːn bi -R(E) -m goːn -čE
eat -impers.nec one =only stay.overnight -anr -acc =ptl food food meat -prop be -nonfut -1sg -1sg say -pf.ptc
есть -impers.nec один =only остаться.overnight -anr -acc =ptl еда еда мясо -prop быть -nonfut -1sg -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
"It is edible, but I have meat that can serve as food for only one day", he said.
- Съесть то съела, одно мясо, новую еду.
Pear story (2) (3)
Dʒeː tarịč bọllaːna omen bej bọllaːna dʒeː kọzaːčaːmị elgenikeːn ieltenni tar bej hatlịn.
dʒe.Y tar -E-Č buollaγïna.Y omen bej buollaγïna.Y dʒe.Y koza.R -KEːn -W -J elge -nIkEːn ielten -n(I) tar bej hat -(dU)LI -n(I)
ptl.Y dist -ep-ins ptl.Y one man ptl.Y ptl.Y goat.R -dim -acc -prfl.sg lead.on.leash -sim.cvb pass -3sg dist man near -prol -poss.3sg
ptl.Y dist -ep-ins ptl.Y один мужчина ptl.Y ptl.Y goat.R -dim -acc -prfl.sg lead.на.leash -sim.cvb pass -3sg dist мужчина near -prol -poss.3sg
And then, a man with his little goat passed by near that man.
Pear story (1) (1)
Erek bejkeːje bọlla hekehnidʒi kojeːtten, "dʒoːrbu tawrịmdah bihiw, omon ile ŋenče" goːnikeːn kojeːtnikeːn emeːpten.
er -k bej -kEːjE buolla.Y hek -E-sEn -RIdʒI kojeː -Č -R(E) -n(I) dʒoːr -W taw -RI -mdEs bi -RI -W omen ir -(dU)LE ŋen -čE goːn -nIkEːn kojeː -Č -nIkEːn emeːn -B -R(E) -n(I)
prox -nom man -aug ptl.Y go.down -ep-lim -ant.cvb look -res -nonfut -3sg two -acc gather -impf.ptc -sml be -impf.ptc -acc one which -loc go -pf.ptc say -sim.cvb look -res -sim.cvb leave -med -nonfut -3sg
prox -nom мужчина -aug ptl.Y идти.down -ep-lim -ant.cvb смотреть -res -nonfut -3sg два -acc собиратть -impf.ptc -sml быть -impf.ptc -acc один который -loc идти -pf.ptc сказать -sim.cvb смотреть -res -sim.cvb оставить -med -nonfut -3sg
This old man, when he came down (sc. from the tree), looked, and though "I thought I had collected two, where is one gone?", so he stayed there looking around.
The sacred reindeer (1)
Dʒe tarịč bụọllaːna omnekeːn hịːlalča, tuguni ọːmalčan, hịːlalča, ńarịkaːn, ịača-kana, bụwahkị gịrkahanča, mendeneče dʒuru, ịak-ta, bakụmču goːnikeːn.
dʒe.Y tar -Č buollaγïna.Y omen -RE -KEːn hịːl -E-L -čE tugeni ọː -mElčI -n(I) hịːl -E-L -čE ńarị -KEːn ịa -čE =kEnE bụg -E-skI gịrka -s(E)n -čE mend -E-nE -čE dʒur -W ịa -k =dE bak -E-mč(I) -W goːn -nIkEːn
ptl.Y dist -ins ptl.Y one -iter -dim suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc winter become -accel -3sg suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc man -dim what -pf.ptc =contr taiga -ep-all.adv walk -lim -pf.ptc search -ep-intent -pf.ptc luck -acc what -nom =ptl find -ep-sbjv -poss.1sg say -sim.cvb
ptl.Y dist -ins ptl.Y один -iter -dim suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc winter become -accel -3sg suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc мужчина -dim что -pf.ptc =contr taiga -ep-весь.adv идти -lim -pf.ptc искать -ep-intent -pf.ptc luck -acc что -nom =ptl найти -ep-sbjv -poss.1sg сказать -sim.cvb
Then, once, the winter was coming, and one man, suffering, went to the woods, he went to try his luck, because he thought that he might kill (an animal there).
Приближалась зима, один человек мучился, и решил он пойти в лес, поохотиться, чтобы было чем кормиться зимой.