Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Pear story (3) (2)
Tarịt amardaːdụn omen kụŋ(aː)kaːkaːn hɛːrin.
tar -E-Č amar -dE -DU -n(I) omen kụŋaː -kEːkEːn hie -RI -n(I)
dist -ep-ins back.side -nr -dat -poss.3sg one child -dim appear -pst -poss.3sg
dist -ep-ins назад.сторона -nr -dat -poss.3sg один ребенок -dim появиться -pst -poss.3sg
Then one little child appeared behind him.
Tompo in Soviet times (7)
Ọdda, tịmịnnị họːja binikeːhel, tar Ịspịrịdọːnọp bọllaːna badʒịkarọp, Ịspịrịdọːnọp goːnitteken badʒịkarọp, vapšče goːn bọlla:
ọd -R(E) tịmịn -n(I) họːja bi -nIkEːn -SEl tar Spiridonov.R buollaγïna.Y badʒịkar -rEp Spiridonov.R goːn -E-Č -REk -E-n(I) badʒịkar -rEp voobšče.R goːn -R(E) buolla.Y
finish -nonfut(3pl) tomorrow -poss.3sg many be -sim.cvb -pl dist Spiridonov.R ptl.Y morning -temp.nr Spiridonov.R say -ep-res -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg morning -temp.nr in.general say -nonfut(3pl) ptl.Y
закончить -nonfut(3pl) завтра -poss.3sg много быть -sim.cvb -pl dist Spiridonov.R ptl.Y утро -temp.nr Spiridonov.R сказать -ep-res -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg утро -temp.nr в.general сказать -nonfut(3pl) ptl.Y
They stopped, and on the next day, many people were there, and that Spiridonov in the morning, when in the morning that Spiridonov was speaking, and in short they told him:
На завтрашний день утром все спрашивают Спиридонова:
Pear story (5) (2)
Tarak amardalịn, nọŋan [čaqa dars] daːl'sa čaqadʒịlran.
tar -k amar -dE -(dU)LI -n(I) nọŋan dal'še.R čak -E-D -E-L -R(E) -n(I)
dist -nom back.side -nr -prol -poss.3sg 3sg further.R gather -ep-prog -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg
dist -nom назад.сторона -nr -prol -poss.3sg 3sg further.R собиратть -ep-prog -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg
After that, he began to collect further.
Black force and White force (1)
Oːhireptu tar dʒeː [ha] hakarịn mergen: "Biː haːmaj eŋi bihem", goːnče.
oːsi -rEp -DU tar dʒe.Y hakarịn mergen biː samyj.R eŋi bi -R(E) -m goːn -čE
ancient -temp.nr -dat dist ptl.Y black force 1sg self.R strong be -nonfut -1sg say -pf.ptc
стыринный -temp.nr -dat dist ptl.Y черный force 1sg сам.R сильный быть -nonfut -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
Once upon a time, the Black Force said: "I am the strongest".
В старину, черная сила говорит:
Stories of God and the Devil (3)
Bej bimi buteːk bimeːgen ọːča tačịn, toːr ojlin tačịn gịrkahanča.
bej bi -mI buteːk bi -mEːgEn ọː -čE tar -čIn toːr oj -(dU)LI -n(I) tar -čIn gịrka -s(E)n -čE
man be -cond.cvb sickly be -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv walk -lim -pf.ptc
мужчина быть -cond.cvb sickly быть -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv идти -lim -pf.ptc
And the man started to be weak and sickly, and thus he started trodding on the earth.
Pear story (2) (2)
Taraŋan bọllaːna dʒugutemŋen bọllaːna, ịak-karịa, bịlasipịadalkaːn hurkeːn emedden ebit.
tar -ŋ -E-n(I) buollaγïna.Y dʒugu -Č -E-mŋE -n(I) buollaγïna.Y ịa -k =kErIE velosiped.R -E-lkEːn hurkeːn em -E-D -R(E) -n(I) ebit.Y
dist -aln -ep-poss.3sg ptl.Y transport -res -ep-ag.nr -poss.3sg ptl.Y what -nom =contr bycicle.R -ep-prop young.man come -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg evid.Y
dist -aln -ep-poss.3sg ptl.Y transport -res -ep-ag.nr -poss.3sg ptl.Y что -nom =contr bycicle.R -ep-prop молодой.мужчина прийти -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg evid.Y
This fellow's transport assistant, uhm, a boy with a bicycle was approaching, apparently.