Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Chat about an Evenki film (8)
Gịrqarịqaːja hịːralrịdʒị emetenesnen bụgụskị [...]
gịrkarị -kEjE hịːr -E-L -RIdʒI em -E-Č -nEs -s(E)n -n(I) bụg -skI
wolf -aug rage -ep-inch -ant.cvb come -ep-res -intent.rev -lim -3sg(nonfut) taiga -all.adv
волк -aug rage -ep-inch -ant.cvb прийти -ep-res -intent.rev -lim -3sg(nonfut) taiga -весь.adv
The wolf grew angry and fled to the forest.
Волк рассердился и убежал в лес.
The creation of animals (5)
Araj ọldaŋan toːrehenče, ịak, "Biː-de ọlda bihem", goːnče.
araj.Y ọlra -ŋ -E-n(I) toːre -s(E)n -čE ịa -k biː =dE ọlra bi -R(E) -m goːn -čE
ptl.Y fish -aln -ep-poss.3sg speak -lim -pf.ptc what -nom 1sg =ptl fish be -nonfut -1sg say -pf.ptc
ptl.Y рыба -aln -ep-poss.3sg говорить -lim -pf.ptc что -nom 1sg =ptl рыба быть -nonfut -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
And the fish then started to speak: "I'm a fish, too!"
Рыба ответила: - Я тоже, рыба!
Stories of God and the Devil (3)
Bej bimi buteːk bimeːgen ọːča tačịn, toːr ojlin tačịn gịrkahanča.
bej bi -mI buteːk bi -mEːgEn ọː -čE tar -čIn toːr oj -(dU)LI -n(I) tar -čIn gịrka -s(E)n -čE
man be -cond.cvb sickly be -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv walk -lim -pf.ptc
мужчина быть -cond.cvb sickly быть -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv идти -lim -pf.ptc
And the man started to be weak and sickly, and thus he started trodding on the earth.
Tompo in Soviet times (1)
Taraw Kụmkanda miestewen, pọsjalakan miestewen bụọllaːna, əə, dʒoːr anŋanịw bihidʒi eliwun butumen, Kụmkanda moːn butumen eːjehemkeːnin, tar.
tar -W Kụmkanda mieste -W -E-n(I) poselok.R -E-n(I) mieste -W -E-n(I) buollaγïna.Y əə dʒoːr anŋan -W bi -RIdʒI eliwun büttüːn.Y -W -E-n(I) Kụmkanda moː -n(I) büttüːn.Y -W -E-n(I) eːje -n -s(E)n -WkEːn -RI -n(I) tar
dist -acc Kumkanda place -acc -ep-poss.3sg village.R -ep-poss.3sg place -acc -ep-poss.3sg ptl.Y hesit two year -acc be -ant.cvb true all.Y -acc -ep-poss.3sg Kumkanda water -poss.3sg all.Y -acc -ep-poss.3sg flow -mult -lim -caus -pst -poss.3sg dist
dist -acc Kumkanda место -acc -ep-poss.3sg village.R -ep-poss.3sg место -acc -ep-poss.3sg ptl.Y hesit два год -acc быть -ant.cvb настоящий весь.Y -acc -ep-poss.3sg Kumkanda вода -poss.3sg весь.Y -acc -ep-poss.3sg flow -mult -lim -caus -pst -poss.3sg dist
That location on Kumkanda, the location of the village, in two years the water of Kumkanda carried it all away, all of it.
Местность Кумканда через два года затопило водой.